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'Let Go and Let God' – Greater is He – Full, Free Inspirational Movie

Starring Clifton Powell, Let Go and Let God follows two people from vastly different worlds whose lives are rocked after experiencing sudden deaths in their family. They question God as a result, but find the faith they’re looking for on an unexpected path.

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Created and Directed by Nakia T Hamilton

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  1. Life can be rough, and trial can shake our faith to the extreme. This is an interesting movie, but the part where the girl that was already dead appeared is not biblical. "For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even the memory of them is forgotten. Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; NEVER AGAIN WILL THEY HAVE A PART IN ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS UNDER THE SUN ." Ecclesiastes 9:5-6- Beware of spiritism:(

  2. What a confusing movie!! So the man crying all the time in the movie sees his daughter at the end? A spirit? A dead spirit?

    And the girl that’s on the phone the entire movie which has a bitter attitude…what happened to her? Why did a hand touched her car window? Did she died?

    Why did John have to cross the road; why did Lily have to cross the road? Again, a dead spirit leading a live person?

    Confusing movie…no fulfilling end.

    The Bible is very clear “the dead no nothing”. And they don’t go to heaven.

    God is a living God, full of mercy & He will not take our love ones to have them be in heaven looking at their love ones here on earth suffer & cry, while they’re up in heaven, enjoying heaven. How can they be happy in heaven, if they see suffering here, especially seeing love ones crying, grieving, I’ll, suffering disasters, financial ruins!?!?

    I believe the Bible; God’s Word. The dead no nothing & those that live a faithful & obedient life here, will have eternal life in heaven when Jesus comes again, for the second time to earth – called “Jesus Second Coming”.

    The dead will be resurrected during His 2nd coming & those save, then & only then, will go to heaven. This is all in the Bible.

    God bless all!!

  3. I didn't even know this movie existed. The name "Let go and ĺet God" came to me one night while working in a COVID ICU. So I searched for confirmation and found this movie. Thank you God for Your guidance in my life!!!! This movie has me in tears…..

  4. I could use some prayers please. I have tried and tried to beat this depression, I have lost friends and family because of it. It seems like I can never do anything right. I just stinks knowing I am only a heart beat away from facing God face to face

  5. When I lost my beautiful 27 year-old son, 25 years ago, my world seemed to have crashed , but the faith which was a bequest from my mom, helped me move on and just as she did in times of crisis, surrender everything to God. We celebrate our John's life by keeping his memory alive in manifold ways, and therefore his presence continues to remain with us as we recall the songs he used to sing so beautifully as he strummed on his guitar, his polished humour , and above all his constant reminder to us to prioritize spiritual values o'er all else. Which I did when in accordance to his wish I took to writing on Bible-based themes in preference to other subjects I had hitherto dealt with in my published books.. I am 82 now and just waiting to be reunited with him!

  6. This movie was wonderful I know dad was a cop I was 17 years old when lost him to .since my wife 13 years ago some time I just want to give up.but I know I can’t I still my kids and and my grandsons .but really easier to give up

  7. I decided to watch this movie for some inspiration but found none. It was only an hour and 13 minutes but it seemed to drag on and on and on. The acting was bad, there was no clear message, no real character development to make you care about the people and there was nothing uplifting or inspirational about it. It was just depressing and boring with a horrible ending. Usually, a Christian movie is good for a tear or two, but with this one, I shed none.

  8. I believed that am a soul given a physical body to care in order to fulfill mission GOD requires….whoever comes in my life – positive or negatives i just consider them my teachers to reach my true destiny because i deal only with my GOD……so no pains n expextations

  9. THUMBS DOWN!!! I can't believe 10,000 people actually liked this movie! I'm 10 minutes into this, and it's so BORING. But I decided to skim through to 30 minutes. Exact same thing . . . BOORRRRING.

    I'm not even gonna bother WATCHING the rest

  10. Very well filmed but bizarre story of two people who lose their belief in God. Script is choppy then surprisingly moving at times, ultimately very confusing as I wish there had been more powerful scenes throughout.
    Acting was only good at best and very amateurish at worst. The young boy lead was the best but given so little to work with which was a shame. Continuity was a problem too as the stories seem out of sequence and unclear many times leaving one wondering; and not clear as to where the plot and or storyline is heading. Ultimately disappointing film in my opinion though I wanted very much to love this. The directing and cinematography was the best aspect of this film and very beautifully done. Hats off for that!
    A more concise script and rewrite could help this improve a lot as well as a higher grade of actors who can convey the deep emotions, moods and nuances of distress this film demands to be shown from those acting in it.
    I'm a Christian, Love Jesus and have my own struggle with my faith at times. Letting go and letting God had little to do with this movie besides being its title as the two main protagonists never did such a thing and the stories resolved despite them not because of them or of their letting go.
    Again beautiful cinematography but an obscure, confusing weak script and lackluster acting made it hard to stay awake watching this.
    2 out of 4 stars for the directing cinematography and a fine young acting lead but little else to earn any more.

  11. Free Will And So GOD Is Not Bigger Than Free Will Like He Doesn't Let U Believe U Have Free Will Like When U Decide U Love Someone Or He Breaks Up Ur Family That Is Our Free Will He Doesn't Makes Us Pray Or Believe In Him If JESUS Wants U To Believe In Him He Will Make Things Happen Bring Labours Across Our Path Free Will The LORD Is So Smart None Of Us Not One Of Us Our Free Will Is Nothing Compared To GODS Will.

  12. Birthing my first child only to have her passing on 35 years later. As mother and daughter …it's a huge amount of loss, pain and loneliness. The suffering of it consumes your every being.
    This type of loss is to enormous for the human heart and soul to hold.
    A piercing till your whole body becomes numb.

  13. I wish religions didn’t exist in the world, as religion is not needed to believe in a higher power. Religions have caused so much pain, suffering and destruction… why can’t humanity believe in something greater than them without any religious association? We can all believe in a God, a spirituality, etc. The fact is that everything has a purpose a reason and a why but we just don’t have the answers. Answers come with time. If I had only one wish, suffering wouldn’t exist.