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"Let's Shake On It" – Great Food & Romance! – Full, Free Maverick Movie

Comment below what you would cook for your girl.

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  1. I really enjoyed this movie definitely like the actresses and actors very good-looking cast y'all truly did a good job to the writer author producers and directors a nice decent movie quite Pleasant no cussing no violence Simply Beautiful wonderful concept need more great minds like y'alls music simply lovely thank so much peace and love

  2. this movie was good, but stupid at the same time. He cheated and and disrespected her and her friends want her to go to him??? Couldn't be my friends giving me that horrible advice. Even if they didn't know he cheated, they knew she was supporting him.

  3. Pretty cool. What was the name of that song that was playing when she was looking at his photo and reminiscing about their past?

    My little criticism is that the script wanted to do a bit too much and tell too many stories instead of focussing on the major subjects. But overall it was good and watchable and lovable in parts.

  4. Our parents drilled this in our hearts minds and souls as children
    " IF you don't set standards for yourself someone else will set them for you" establishing standards gives you the ability to identify red flags or deal breaking behavior in prospective mates, but after all that work if the person you end up with DON'T satisfy your sexual desires then you may need to understand this, IT takes about three men to satisfy a woman and two women to satisfy a man IF your mate don't satisfy your sexual desires, much love.