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To Serve, Protect and Deceive – "T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L." – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

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To Serve, Protect and Deceive – “T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L.” – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

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  1. Yes yes yes yes 😌 wow man this brought me to some serious tears because I can identify with being raised in an orphanage and foster care in the 70's era. I'm alive today because GOD HAS GUIDED, CARRIED ME AT TIMES BUT ONE THING HE NEVER DID AND THAT IS TURN HIS BACK ON ME. I'M 58 Y.O AND ATTEND BERKELEY COLLEGE IN NEW YORK CITY. MY MAJOR IS "CRIMINAL JUSTICE" MY NAME IS ADRIAN R. S

  2. How isn’t that it’s Dori birthday but surprising him by wearing lingerie, even though it isn’t his birthday?? he is the one that should be doing something special for her birthday & not the other way around. to be honest though.. she messed it up, got caught in a bad system that should’ve never been there. that’s a shame of what she got out of her birthday..?by being engaged to a drug-dealer aka Dexter that’s working with a dirty cop as she witnessed that dirty cop that shot a mob & especially..Dexter hiring a hit man out to kill her.