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Create Animated GIFs that get HUNDREDS of LIKES πŸš€

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Let's create an animated GIF post in Canva that will get you tons of interactions and likes! This design is typically what we usually post on our Youtube community tab, but you could also use it for Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media in order to interact and catch the attention of our audience. I'll tell you all about how to find a background, how to add animation to the text and elements such as stickers, and finally how to download your design. Enjoy the ride!

00:00 Intro
01:27 Creating a Custom Size document
02:05 Finding the right video Background
04:57 Working with emojis in Canva
11:23 Creating a glowing outline around your photo
12:55 Using animated stickers from the Canva library
16:55 Using irregular shapes
20:15 Exporting your project as a GIF in Canva

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πŸ›  How to Set up Friendmoji on the Bitmoji App πŸ‘‰https://bit.ly/3uBkqVT

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