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Slow Cooker Roast and Gravy Recipe Easy dinner ideas #pantrychallenge

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We had a full schedule this week so I wanted an easy family meal to make that wasn't going to take up all of my time, but it was also healthy and delicious. I also have been wanting to use some items in the freezer so this was the perfect time to do a small pantry challenge.  

You see many videos on YouTube of pantry challenges so I challenged myself for the night to do one. I'm planning to do a full week pantry challenge soon, so stay tuned! I decided to make a roast and bought this one back in 2020. I vacuum seal all of the meats that we freeze and it has saved us so much money. I always have different meats and cuts on hand and when you defrost them, they look like you just brought them home from the store. 

Since I wanted an easy dinner recipe, I chose to use my slow cooker.  I love that the slow cooker is a drop and go type of cooking, great for busy moms or anyone with a busy schedule. And this meal provides leftovers for another night or two!

I'm sharing a Slow Cooker Roast Recipe, but this one is not a family recipe. It's actually a recipe created by Tiffany at Creme de la Crumb. There is also a recipe to make gravy from the juice and drippings from the roast. She has some fabulous recipes!

Roast Recipe:

Gravy Recipe:

00:00 Introduction
01:53 A look at the ingredients
02:17 Rub for the Roast
02:55 Sear the meat
03:30 Potatoes and Onion
04:19 Beef Broth and Carrots
04:45 Add ingredients to the Slow Cooker
07:02 Finished Roast
07:13 How to make the gravy

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