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What if we told you there was a Sonic-Verse? Do you want us to make another Sonic cartoon? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!!!


Sonic The Hedgehog: Time Trouble
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Tom Shreeve
Directed and Animated By Kati Knitt (Chocolate Pudding Party)
Backgrounds and Animation by Isabell Gross
Original idea by Eddie Bowley 
Developed by Tom Jenkins, Laura Rankin & Tom Shreeve
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Sound Design & Mix by Laura Rankin 
Music composed by Alex Walker Smith 
Voice of 2017 Sonic, 90’s Sonic, Glitch Sonic, Amiibo Sonic & Sanic by Blake Swift
Voice of Freemium Sonic, Unfinished Sonic, Sex Toy Sonic & 3D sonic by Dan Gavin
Voice of Rule 34 Sonic by Sara Mears 

Sonic Mania Ultra
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Tom Jenkins and Liam McKeown
Storyboard and Animatic by Liam McKeown
Art Direction & Animation production a creative service by Venturia Animation Studios
Music Composed by Joe Simmons AKA Gizmode www.labgrownmusic.com 
Edited by Jason Alan Dewey

Secret History of Sonic and Tails
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Animated by Zeurel
Written By: RicePirate (Mick Lauer) 
Voice Of Sonic: Blake Swift
Voice of Amy: Eileen "EileMonty” Montgomery
Voice of Mr Sega: RicePirate (Mick Lauer) 
Voice of Tails: RicePirate (Mick Lauer)
Music By: Alex Walker Smith 
Sound Design and Mix by Laura Rankin

Edit and Additional VFX by Jason Dewey

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